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5pm EST | 11pm CEST

An Ars Electronica Premiere 



The technology behind the Wandering Mind is a production of slow immediate and our collaborators Nan Zhao and Nick Gillian.

Special thanks to our Buenos Aires residency host and mentor Mariano Sardón and the MUNTREF Art and Science Center team in Buenos Aires, in particular Rocío Pilar. 

Thanks to Philippe Esling of IRCAM for his advice and guidance in summer 2020. Thanks to Enzo Tagliazucchi, our expert advisor on the science of dreams, as well as Marcos Trevisan. 

The Wandering Mind is the product of a residency in the European ARTificial Intelligence Lab competition initiated by Ars Electronica. Thanks to Jessica Galirow and Veronika Liebl for their continuing guidance through the process. 


Created and presented by slow immediate LLC